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If you haven’t seen this yet, here it is. This is important because my next post is a #YEET compilation.

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It´s been a while since we had a good moment  of ankles cracking up in the NBA. John Wall is back so that means that there´s going to be a lot of broken ankles in a matter of time.


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Poll of the Day – December 12, 2012


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Best & Worst Football Celebrations

football celebration failbroncos-celebration-danceargos-celebration-fail gronkowski-celebration-fail

touchdown-celebration-fail The Funniest and Worst Touchdown Celebrations EVER

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Tribute to Amazing Dunker – Vince Carter

Vince Carter Tribute

This is a Tribute to Vince Carter, one of the best dunkers and dunks in the history of the NBA. In the 2000 NBA dunk contest, Vince Carter performed many amazing dunks which are very difficult which are shown here.

Jose Bautista- Toronto Blue Jays


Put your dream out there, you never know how things are going turn out unless you try. #beinspired

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Basketball GIFS – Metta World Peace Elbows James Harden

artest elbows harden 3artest elbows harden 2artest elbows harden


LMAOOOO Metta World Peace Elbowing James Harden

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